A Quick Tip for Journalists

Well, I haven’t used this site in a while. Mostly because I’m looking for actual paid work at the moment, as well as promoting my gaming articles over on Gaming Reinvented instead.

However, I will give one quick tip for any journalists or writers out there.

Look up who the source of the information or media you’re posting actually is. Don’t assume it’s the person who made a video about it, wrote an article on the subject or posted a link to said work on Reddit.

Because while it may sound shocking to some people, the vast majority of the internet are not sleazy marketers only interested in self promotion. They post things they like or are merely interested in.

Yet because a lot of people in this industry are lazy, they completely ignore this. I’ll post a video or article about a glitch, and suddenly find half the articles on the matter are crediting me with finding it. No, I didn’t find the thing in the first place. I posted a video on it because I thought it needed a better quality video posted about it.

Same with music remixes. I’ll post them online to support the artist (like I’m going with Loeder’s 8 bit remixes at the moment), then find half the internet assumes I created them. No, not really. Just wanted to help out someone who did good work.

So if you’re writing about an interesting discovery or creation, please look up who actually found or created it. Don’t assume the source you found is always responsible, regardless of whether they’re a random internet blogger or the BBC.

Just a quick bit of advice there!

Gamer, writer and journalist working on Gaming Reinvented.

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