A way to reward good journalism is definitely needed. The gaming press did something similar for articles (see, the Kunkel Awards):


But one on a whole site basis would be really useful, since the awards mentioned above got a lot of stick for rewarding good articles at the expense of not caring about whether the site as a whole did good work.

I also agree we need a way for the community to reward these good sites, since at the moment, doing quality journalism simply pays less than putting out any old crap for clicks. There needs to be an incentive to do research, not ‘get stories out fast truth be damned’ like there is at the moment.

Naming sites that create or promote fake news is a good idea as well. Heck, maybe even do this for poor journalism involving ‘real’ news stories as well, like those which deliberately slant the coverage to make their ‘side’ look good, those which plagiarise other people’s work, those which simply don’t research an issue they cover before writing about (and hence make dozens of simple mistakes). Good journalism should be rewarded and bad journalism should be shamed, no matter the source.

Gamer, writer and journalist working on Gaming Reinvented.

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