And this isn’t even all of the story. You see, streaming games on PC or on modern consoles with video upload features built in, that’s easy.

But then try it with console games, and well, the technology gets even more awkward to figure out. Cause you see, you can’t exactly stick a camera in front of a television or handheld console and get a clear picture. So you have to buy a specialised device that takes the input from the TV and sends it to the computer, or (for a portable) a hardware modification that sticks a capture device into the back of the 3DS or Vita.

Which means going online, hunting down the very obscure sites that sell these tools, then either buying a whole new few hundred dollar system with the tech installed or actually mailing the damn thing across the world to the few people out there with the skills to mod the technology into it. And hoping it don’t get stolen or lost on either journey.

With a console game that’s a bit better, but it’s still a few hundred quid on a capture card for the TV. Oh, and if you’re recording a variety of games, you’ll then need to have a capture card, a seperate portable capture device for every system, some way to record apps from a phone and software to record or stream footage from a PC game. On top of the obvious costs needed for games, consoles and everything else.

This could easily add up to thousands of dollars if you’re picky about it and want the ‘best’ hardware and software for each system. It’s why so many people recording these games just use emulators and sacrifice the ‘legality’ aspect for convenience. Much easier to record footage from say, an emulated console game than one on real hardware.

So yeah, it’s not just capturing PC game footage that needs to be cheaper and easier, but capturing footage from any type of games system.

Gamer, writer and journalist working on Gaming Reinvented.

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