Dear BrowserStack… Please Stop with the Spam

As many web developers likely know, BrowserStack is a service that lets you test various desktop and mobile browsers through your standard web browser. It’s a neat service, and for the most part, works pretty for those paying for a plan.

Shame the same can’t be said about their sales tactics. Why? Because in the six or so days since I’ve signed up for another trial, I’ve gotten near daily begging emails asking me to pay for a service or give it a shot. It’s kinda ridiculous really:

Image for post
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And it makes me wonder:

Why? Why are you doing this?

Because your service is good enough without it. By sending these silly reminders and begging for my money, all you’re doing is putting me off actually giving you a dime.

So… just cool it okay? I get that people forget about services after a while, and I do accept I’ve not really used the account since registering.

Hell, I even understand that these reminders sometimes do work. Forum owners, social media service managers and businesses do this sort of stuff themselves all the time, usually to remind people the site or service exists every six months or so.

But every six months is very different from every day or two, especially when your messages are seemingly getting more desperate every time. Give it a rest, and wait.

Thank you.

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