Gaming Reinvented is Now Live!

Well technically, it’s been live for a short while now. Either way, now it’s done and my business model is live, with the site being found here:

So what’s interesting here? What differentiates it from every other gaming site on the planet?

Well, two things really. Firstly, there’s now a subscription system, so you can pay for member only content and articles. Yes, I know this sounds somewhat insane.

But is it really?

Not in my book. Because at this point in time, most content creators are using Patreon for their sites and Youtube channels. They ask people to pay them money every month to keep writing/producing content, and then often give their patrons early access to the new stuff.

But guess what?

This is just another subscription system. Except you know, with Patreon being an (in)convenient middleman. So yeah, it’s the same sort of thing, just a bit more direct.

The other feature of interest is user created content. Basically, your normal media site has journalists write content.

This one… will not have that. Instead, it lets users sign up and write the content themselves. They can then go ahead, monetise it how they like and like Medium or the likes, that’s pretty much it. Heck, they can even choose to have the content accessible only to paying subscribers!

So why does this feature exist?

Well, for two reasons really.

First of all, traditional journalism is not sustainable. Especially not gaming journalism, where adblock rates are something like 55%. So I think the alternative is an open platform where anyone can post, promote and monetise content and where the user is reporting the news/their opinions on an almost hobbyist level. Where the sharing economy basically replaces the professional reporter.

In cases like the H3h3Productions CS:GO videos, you’re already seeing Youtubers and internet celebrities doing better investigative journalism than actual journalism:

Above: One of the best examples of investigative journalism in years… yet it’s not from a ‘news site’.

Secondly, there’s a growing disconnect between the people becoming journalists and the people they’re supposedly writing for. They’re richer than the norm, have more ‘cosmopolitan’ political opinions than the norm and in a lot of cases show outright disdain for their audience.

Image for post
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Above: Like this utter contempt. Imagine if someone did this for a religious identity…

journalists used to come from families 6% better off than average, whereas now they come from homes that are 42% richer (meaning they are from wealthier homes than bankers of the same age).

Above: Sourced via The Economist

You can certainly see it in gaming journalism. Where reporting about how ‘evil’ people are on Twitter and how ‘sexist’ some games are is seen as more important than how well they actually play or anything remotely important to the gaming industry (like say, the terrible working conditions in some companies, corruption over at Youtube, the poor decisions made in regards to some franchises, etc).

My aim is to kill that disconnect off in regards to the gaming media. And then when I succeed, to move on and make sure normal people are more represented in the mainstream media. I want more average Joes in the press. More people who don’t have a wealthy background, who aren’t majority white, who aren’t from elite colleges or what not. People who aren’t like the talking heads on your American news networks.

I want to make gaming journalism open, sustainable and aligned with the interests of its audience.

I want to fix the problems mainstream journalism and the press has due to the same issues.

And Gaming Reinvented is my first genuine attempt at doing this.

Let’s fix the media, the right way.

Gamer, writer and journalist working on Gaming Reinvented.

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