I see your point, but I worry that doing this against Google would basically discourage automated lists and search engines, regardless of if they’re meant to be editorial or not. That could have a worrying effect on other search engines with their own crawlers and algorithms, as well as other auto ranked sites like other search engines, many web directories (which are usually sorted based on site traffic brought in) and topsites (same thing).

I’m not sure I’d want the effect that would have on the web.

Facebook is certainly a more relevant example here though. Because they quite clearly filter the news feed and what content is shown based on things like an editorial slant or some semblance of a thought process in regards to whether something is ‘real’ or ‘fake’. That could be something a court would take into consideration.

Either way, it’s an interesting idea, but something I wouldn’t want to see just because of the stifling effect it may have on search engines and other algorithm led sites.

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