I’m Done With Medium

Sorry folks. After more than 5 years on the site, I just have zero interest in writing any stories on this platform anymore. It’s been fun being here as an author, but it feels like the focus of the site has shifted dramatically, and there’s no room left for people like me.

Instead, it’s all the same boring crap found in your typical magazine article, reposts from larger publications, pointless stories about the political issue of the day and an endless stream of wannabe influencers focused entirely on making money rather than writing about topics they actually care about.

In a way it reminds me of YouTube and other creative platforms in the past. Ones which went from being a place for user created content by passionate amateurs to marketing platforms for professional creators and faceless corporations. There’s no soul left in these sites, and they don’t feel fulfilling to either create content for or use as a whole.

So this will be the last post I’ll ever write on Medium. If you want to see more of my work in future, check out the Gaming Reinvented site instead, or subscribe to my YouTube channel for various Zelda Breath of the Wild glitch videos and analysis. Those are places I’ll actually be checking going forward, and places with a community that I actually enjoy being a part of.



Gamer, writer and journalist working on Gaming Reinvented.

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