Just some thoughts on your fixes…

UX FIX: Explain all mechanics and features in the right context, while playing the game. Provide players with tips and tricks (‘Did you know you can throw a curveball?’ You’ll receive more XP!’) when they’re up for learning something new. Read all about how Duolingo does this. They integrate their little green teaching owl seamlessly into the first-time usage of their language learning app.

Agreed. Or at least provide a way to test out the features as a tutorial, like in certain Mario RPGs and most actual Pokemon games on handheld consoles. Even in Pokemon Red and Blue, you could watch this:


(the first part anyway. The rest is just a cool glitch)

Also, that bit with Professor Willow definitely needs some variety. I mean, compare to the handheld games. Much more vivid and interesting intros telling you the general concept:


That part should be redone to be more dynamic like the scene above.

UX FIX: Provide players with a bulk action. How about this:

Yeah, agreed 100%.

UX Fix: Make it possible to fight trainers from other teams, or even have team battles or tournaments. Enable players from the same team to trade Pokémon, items and interesting locations.

I think you should be allowed to trade or battle anyone, but yeah, stuff like this needs to happen. Sooner rather than later.

UX FIX: Apply Pokémon-free zones. The map should explicitly show which zones are no-go areas. These zones, possibly highlighted in a different color, obviously shouldn’t include any gyms or Pokestops either.

Eh, I still think the best solution is to let people make their own decisions here. If they get into trouble, then the blame should put on the careless individual rather than the company.

Too much of a 'lets stop people hurting themselves' culture nowadays, and not enough focus on personal responsibility. It’s why I quite enjoyed the tours in more exotic countries, because they were willing to say “well, you might be putting yourself at risk doing this. But hey, it’s going to be great fun anyway!”

But yeah, it's a good article. Though perhaps lacking in this issue:

Rural areas are empty: They have very few Pokemon due to a lack of phones in the area, and fewer landmarks for Pokestops and gyms.

Fix: Provide some random Pokemon encounters if they wouldn't appear normally, and increase the number of landmarks for Pokestops/gyms in rural and suburban areas.

As well as maybe:

Lack of incentive to explore: Because almost all good Pokemon are found in densely populated areas. This makes no sense in the context of Pokemon, real life or anything else, and means most players rarely go further than the local park/shopping centre.

Fix: Provide some fixed encounter areas outside of towns and cities with rare Pokemon. Like the legendary locations in the games, put in to get people to explore the world around them.

Basically, encourage people to climb their equivalents of Mount Silver or Sky Pillar, or explore their local equivalent to Cerulean Cave/The Unknown Dungeon. Make it so getting to a fairly out of the way, harder to reach area lets you find a legendary bird, Mewtwo or Mew like in the main series.

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