Mario probably wouldn’t work here for the same reason Star Wars wouldn’t work; it doesn’t map to the real world at all. A large part of its appeal is simply because it’s set in a universe completely different to the real one, with its own rules and structure that would make no sense anywhere else. And yeah, finding a decent gameplay structure to work with such a game would be difficult too.

But some other possibilities that might work, albeit mostly in certain regions:

Doctor Who: More in the UK and Commonwealth countries than the likes of the US, but it would work really well with Augmented Reality mechanics. Whole episodes revolve around hidden aliens and alien plots on Earth.

Yo-Kai Watch: In Japan, this would probably do pretty well for the same reason as Pokemon. Similar setup with finding monsters hidden in the world.

Pikmin: Well, the concept could be pretty solid, since it’s already set on a version of Earth at a miniature scale. Whether it’d have the appeal is another question.

Just some thoughts here.

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