Microtransactions might not actually fix this. They might provide exactly the same incentives as the ad model does right now.

Think about it. People don’t care if a story is poorly written, dubiously sourced or flat out wrong if it supports their beliefs.

So even if microtransactions did work and get used regularly, people might end up just rewarding the same clickbait with their money instead of ad clicks. Like how people buy newspapers that support their beliefs or watch television news shows that support their beliefs.

But I suspect microtransactions and subscriptions just won’t catch on as a mainstream thing. They’ll do well with specialist audiences (where information might literally be impossible to get elsewhere) or where a few people care heavily about supporting writers, but most people can just the same information on any news site under the sun. Average Joe will just always find free alternatives to any site that tries to sell its content.

Gamer, writer and journalist working on Gaming Reinvented.

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