Probably a ridiculous suggestion, but wouldn’t it be better to try and throw people off your trail with a ‘decoy’ real identity rather than trying to stay completely anonymous?

In other words, setup an account with questionable details that seems plausible enough on the surface, then hint it’s the individual behind your activist Twitter account now and again and watch a fair few non state entities get sent barking up the wrong tree. I mean, friends, family, random internet folk and a significant percentage of journalists don’t bother really looking into a story if they think they found a ‘smoking gun’.

So perhaps instead of following no one, you could follow your own fake identity (along with sources they’d ‘supposedly’ be interested in) and you’d make sure the writing styles on the decoy account and activist account were suspiciously similar too.

Or maybe I’m overthinking things here. I know that worked in a certain GamerGate related case:

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