So, why can the same things work fine on other ‘social media’ sites but not this one?

I mean, if someone liked a bunch of posts on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube or even a standard internet forum the same sort of processes would occur. A notification would be sent to the people who posted the content being liked, emails would be sent about it, the counts would go up, all the same things that seemingly happen on Medium.

Yet none of those other services set off any alarms or get close to keeling over because people use them that much. This gives me the impression the service is’t quite stable yet, or at least has trouble coping under a lot of stress.

Just feels like someone heavily using a community website shouldn’t be the cause of it running it trouble.

But hey, it’s nice you guys responded anyway. That’s certainly better customer service than on a lot of other services, and it does show you seem to care about your users.

Gamer, writer and journalist working on Gaming Reinvented.

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