Ten Laws of Community Management

Have you heard of the rules of the internet? Or the list of laws named after various people?

Yeah, I thought so too. Examples include Murphy’s Law (anything that can go wrong will go wrong), Betteridge’s Law of Headlines (any title ending in a ? can be answered with ‘no’) and all manner of others.

So I’ve decided to do the exact same thing for communities. Hence here they are. Here are what I call the ‘Ten Laws of Community Management’!

1. The Gaming Rule

The Law: If your social media site doesn’t have many discussions of ‘everyday’ topics (like gaming, sports or music), it’s destined to die.

2. Law of Early Extremists

The Law: Early adopters on a community will always be more crazy or extreme than the general public, especially if the community is offered as an ‘alternative’ to more popular ones.

3. No Man is Irreplacable

The Law: A community will never fail because a single ‘important’ member was banned or left.

4. The Boiling Echo Chamber

The Law: Any community with political bias towards one side or the other will get more extreme over time.

5. The Successful Parasite Rule

The Law: Forums or communities dedicated to illegal or unethical topics will almost always be extremely successful.

6. Dulling the Edge

The Law: Popular communities will always get ‘toned down’ as they get more popular, to appeal to the mainstream and large advertising companies.

7. Spinoff Colony Collapse

The Law: Any forum or community started to provide an ‘alternative’ to a larger competitor will inevitably fail.

8. Community Conquers All

The Law: It doesn’t matter how nice the forum looks, how fancy the features are, how it was coded or what sections it has. The site with the better, more active community will always win.

9. The Ghost Town Rule

The Law: If a site gets no posts or contributions within a 24-hour period, it’s in trouble.

10. No Free Lunch in Communities

The Law: Your prior popularity and fanbase doesn’t translate to a successful community

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