The simple issue here is that like any other divide in society, it’s turned into a game of ‘us vs them’, or ‘ingroup vs outgroup’. Each side thinks that its actions are always good or justified, and that the members of its side are always decent people regardless of whether evidence shows otherwise.

Hence we get issues of bullying and harassment ignored because hey, they’re against people we don’t like. We get outright criminal behaviour like child abuse swept under the rug because hey, the person involved is against GamerGate, so they have to be on our ‘side’. Arguments and media narratives are distorted because hey, we can’t say anything that might show the ‘enemy’ in a good light.

That’s what needs to change. We need people in this conflict to accept that the different sides have both decent people and those they should try really hard to distance themselves from. That sometimes, people we agree with can be absolute scumbags that we shouldn’t try and make excuses for.

Unfortunately, I doubt it’ll happen. This stuff is rife in politics after all…

Gamer, writer and journalist working on Gaming Reinvented.

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