Well, can’t really say much other than that I agree with the article and the points expressed here. Some people are more charismatic than others, and people have different things they’re good at in general.

However, I will add two more things people should think about here. Two more ‘reasons’ you might not be as succesful as you’d like to be:

  1. You’re too self-centred. This one is a bit less common on Twitch and YouTube, but it certainly exists as a problem in the blog and social media world. People spend all their time writing about them and their company and their products and don’t create anything that helps other people with their own problems. And then they wonder why people aren’t reading their posts any more.
  2. You simply haven’t given things enough time. Remember, the ‘one video = immediate success’ stories are extreme outliers, not the norm for videos or content creation in general. Lots of people keep plugging away their channel or site for years and then only find ‘fame’ a few months or years later. I mean, look at Boundary Break for example. Currently it’s a pretty successful gaming channel with 95,000 subscribers, but for its first six months or so it was slowly chugging along at about a thousand or so. It’s just that eventually, people found his work and posted his videos on popular sites, and that turned his channel from a small side hobby to his main job as a result.

Success online isn’t guaranteed, and the rate it happens differs for every person.

Gamer, writer and journalist working on Gaming Reinvented.

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