Well, that’s depressing. I mean, I kind of expected various media outlets to turn down stories that were uncomfortable for advertisers, but not quite to this level.

And changing a neutral to positive story about a plastic surgeon to a hitpiece with your name still attached? That’s pretty freaking messed up if you ask me.

Either way, I agree wholeheartedly with your points about ‘filtering’ fake news being a bad idea and ripe for misuse. But do you know another reason I think that?

Because as I pointed out myself in one of my own articles, a lot of mainstream, more ‘credible’ news sites and outlets actually publish stories taken from fake news sites without fact checking at all:

So if we’re going to see Facebook filtering news content, then we also need to see said ‘reliable’ news sources being more careful not to publish lies and gossip, otherwise nothing will really change at all.

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