Well, this was a bit disappointing. The title and first part of the article made this piece sound like it was going to be about the shallowness of the ‘productivity and self help’ scenes, then immediately after it switched tracks to talk about how some people aren’t morning people.

But while that’s true, it misses the real issue with all these articles by self proclaimed ‘gurus’. The one everyone online seems to miss:

They’re pointless cargo culting nonsense.

Really, think about it. Did it make any real difference to Steve Jobs or Elon Musk or whoever else whether they got up at dawn or ate super healthy or wore the same clothes every day or did whatever other random ‘habit’ internet bloggers think makes you successful?

Of course not. What mattered was the products and services they sold and how they did business. Job’s personal quirks had nothing to do with Apple’s success, just as Bill Gates had nothing to do with Microsoft’s and Mark Zuckerberg’s had nothing to do with Facebook’s. Their work mattered, their marketing/sales expertise mattered and their actual ideas mattered.

And that’s the case with most business successes really. If you’re a good businessman and can sell people on your ideas, you could be eating McDonalds, sitting around and smoking 16 packs of cigarettes a day and still raking it in. The focus on productivity hacks and habits is just feel good nonsense that exists purely for internet ‘gurus’ to sell their ‘expertise’.

Still, don’t take that too harshly. Your article is good for what it is, and you’re right, not everyone can/should get up at the crack of dawn. But I think it could have better if you addressed the real issue here, and looked at whether these tips or hacks or whatever else actually matter compared to business sense and connections.

Gamer, writer and journalist working on Gaming Reinvented.

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