Yeah, the left has definitely fallen because of its obsession with overly minor matters (like personal pronouns) over major ones (like income inequality and laws that hurt people’s freedoms).

But I partly wonder whether its not ‘capitalism’ that corrupted it (or what not), but its obsession with catering to the wrong audience. Basically, it feels like it’s not for the working/middle class any more, but for rich kids wanting to make their personal image look better.

(or perhaps career politicians who’ve never worked a day in their lives)

Cause for those people… well the traditional left wing philosophies and ideas require them to look at their own situation and question how much they’re perpetuating the system they’re supposed to complain about. Being all ‘woke’ about pointless trivialities is much easier and doesn’t require any introspection or questions about your own situation and moral values.

It’s also potentially easier for advertising and appealing to corporations too. A large company may be hesitant to sponsor something that talks about how their tax rate should be increased, their worker’s wages should go up, their exec’s wages should go down and their copyright laws should be overhauled. But being all ‘woke’ about gender pronouns and dating preferences… well that’s the kind of thing you can use in a marketing campaign or or sell products based on, all comfortably detached from anything that make hurt the business.

Or it could be an attempt to distract everyone and turn them against each other rather than corporations or political cronies or what not. Much more ‘convenient’ to have people fighting with others of similar means over pointless things on Twitter rather than focusing their attention on the system as a whole.

Either way, the left has been neutered to the point of ineffectiveness, and it’ll never recover until it changes its focus back to what matters the most.

Gamer, writer and journalist working on Gaming Reinvented.

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